To cook beautifully.

Savour Italy - with brio!

Série Master savourez Série Master savourez
Wall ovens Dishwasher Hood Oven Refrigerator

Savour the audacity.

An elegant design mated with surprising performance for a dazzling kitchen.

Série Master design Série Master design

sold separately.

The Master Series has everything that makes a Bertazzoni a Bertazzoni. With their unique look and vibrant colours and finishes, these sophisticated appliances will never stop surprising you.

Série Master Inspiration Série Master four blanc Série Master statue Série Master four noir Série Master Inspiration

From Michelangelo to Maurizio Cattelan. From Milan Fashion Week to the Venice Film Festival. From the beaches of Naples to the old-world charms of Amalfi. Discover our masterpieces worthy of the greatest Italian icons - masterpieces that will never stop surprising you.

Série Professionnelle savourez Série Professionnelle savourez
Wall ovens Steam oven Dishwasher Hood Oven Refrigerator

Savour the performance.

Appliances applauded and appreciated by the greatest chefs – to complement your space.

Série Professionnelle design Série Professionnelle design

*Mama not included.

The Professional Series offers the best capacity, flexibility and ease-of-use in its class. So, are you ready to take your skills off the back burner?

Série Professionnelle Inspiration Série Professionnelle cellier Série Professionnelle four orange Série Professionnelle homme Série Professionnelle Inspiration

Italy is a country with a long tradition of bold discovery and great expertise. Marco Polo, Leonard de Vinci, Enzo Ferrari, Vittorio Gregotti, Massimo Bottura and, in a way, Francesco Bertazzoni!

Série heritage savourez Série heritage savourez
Hood Oven Refrigerator

Savour the timeless tradition.

An enduring look, cleverly concealing the very latest technology.

Série heritage design Série heritage design

*Grappa is extra.

The Heritage Series hides its secrets well. Rustic and elegant on the surface, these appliances are packed with powerful technologies, innovations and state-of-the-art engineering. Never underestimate Heritage Series performance.

Série héritage Inspiration Série héritage four_heritage Série héritage four Série héritage Inspiration

Simplicity is one of the hardest things to master. A fine wine, a family tomato sauce recipe, even a Margherita pizza. They all take a wealth of experience and tradition to become truly exceptional. Much like the Heritage Series.

Comment cuisiner recevoir Comment cuisiner four Comment cuisiner recevoir

The art of hospitality.

Whether traditional, modern or contemporary, your kitchen will be so ammazza, it will most certainly blow away your guests!

Comment cuisiner compositions Comment cuisiner compositions Comment cuisiner compositions

that enhance your spaces.

All components of our Master, Professional and Heritage Series have been designed to integrate seamlessly with one another. Whether built-in or freestanding, our appliances are always in harmony with your spaces.

Comment cuisiner responsables Comment cuisiner responsables

Responsible products

With their higher level of energy efficiency (ENERGY STAR certified), Bertazzoni products are composed of responsible and recyclable materials. Energy star

Comment cuisiner dolce vita Comment cuisiner four Comment cuisiner poigne Comment cuisiner recevoir

La dolce vita

Ergonomics is an art in itself. The handles, control knobs and screens have been meticulously designed with time-honoured craftsmanship to make your life that much easier.

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